Hello! My name is FBegans. I am studying elementary education at The College of William and Mary. I will be graduating in May 2014 my Master of Arts in Education. Before starting my graduate work at the College, I received my B.A. from George Mason University in Northern Virginia.

Currently, I am working on my practicum/student teaching at Matoaka Elementary School in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have 21 energetic first graders who are teaching me as much as I am teaching them! My cooperating teacher and the faculty and staff at my placement school have been incredibly generous with their time and effort in helping me become a capable teacher. I am so grateful for all of the energy they have put into helping me develop as a professional.

Teaching elementary school is a perfect fit for me, as my interests stretch far and wide. When asked what my favorite subject in school is I do not hesitate to respond with, "Can I pick more than one?!". I love every subject - language arts, science, math, social studies, art, physical education, and technology. Outside of education, I enjoy volunteering in my community, studying languages, traveling, running, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my electronic portfolio! As you click through the links on the side of the page you will find "evidence" of my academic and professional development during this masters program. Please, peruse my portfolio and contact me if you have any questions.